North Node Solutions

Because not all ads are created equal.

Who We Are

We are a Facebook Ads agency that trains and consults businesses on how to craft high-converting, fully scalable ads and funnels that scale their business 2X-5X.


1-on-1 Consulting

From ad copy-writing to funnel strategy, all the way to ad strategy, we’ll consult you on the best approach for your offer and market. 


Done-For-You E.P.I.C. Ads

Have one of our in-house copywriters write you a long copy EPIC Ad that engages and converts 2X-5X more qualified prospects.  

Learn C.O.D.E. Methodology

Get trained and certified on the exact social media copywriting methodology and ad strategies we use as a regular part of our agency’s approach to Facebook Ads. 

What We Do Different

Here’s how most Facebook ad ‘gurus’ and ‘trainers’ will tell you to set up your funnel flow:

They’ll tell you to go after the cheapest click possible using a short copy ad, drive those clicks to a minimalistic landing page…

…and then wait for your sales message and email follow-up to do all the pre-qualifying and selling for you.

What they don’t realize is that on Facebook we have the power of making the ‘machine learning’ algorithm our best ‘salesperson’ at finding qualified people for us, we just need to point it in the right direction.

The problem is short copy ads don’t do a proper job of pre-qualifying the click…

…and if we want Facebook to show our ads to qualified people we must make sure we’re attracting the right type of person.

That’s because the way Facebook learns who to show our ad to is by finding people who are similar to those that engage on our ad.

So instead of waiting for our sales message and email follow-up to do all the pre-qualifying and selling…

…we let Facebook do most of the ‘heavy lifting’ for us by ‘flipping the traditional funnel on its head’:

Rather than going after the cheapest click possible with a short copy ad…

…we go after the most qualified click using what we call a long copy ‘EPIC’ ad that educates and pre-qualifies the right type of prospect.

After ‘field-testing’ EPIC on over $1,420,414.76 in ad spend across multiple different niches and industries…

…we found that every time we use EPIC the same thing happens:

  • We get 2X-5X more qualified prospects entering our funnel that convert at a higher rate
  • Facebook spends our budget more efficiently towards qualified people because now it knows exactly who to go find
  • The customer journey from ‘click to sale’ actually shortens because our ad is doing most of the pre-qualifying and selling for us (with means a faster velocity of return)
  • Ads sustain long-term because Facebook see’s us creating a good user experience by generating 2X-5X more engagement with EPIC

Doesn’t matter if we’re running traffic to a sales or cart page, opt-in page, webinar registration, you name it…

…EPIC works for any offer in any market because it follows ‘decision-making’ psychology that’s designed to walk the brain through a natural progression to a point of logical conclusion.

Our E.P.I.C. AD Formula


Engages qualified prospects with a headline that channels the biggest pain, desire, and challenge your product or service addresses for your prospect.


Establishes trust and gets agreement from your prospect by empathizing with their most common painful scenario.


Proves your product or service solves your prospects problem by highlighting the unique features & benefits that position you above the competition.


 Converts 2X – 5X more qualified prospects with a conversational approach that ‘sells’ your prospect before they even realize they’re being sold.

Client Testimonials

It really is a beacon of hope in a very crowded Facebook ads marketplace. When people are struggling just to get their ads seen at a cost that is reasonable, Chris comes along and shatters the way everyone else teaches Facebook ad copy… his formulas are epic… If you’re struggling to start your ads on the right foot… it’s a no-brainer…

Sterling Gardner

Owner & Founder, STACKT Digital

I’ve been through most Facebook Courses that are available on the market… the style of ad copy… the understanding of the algorithm… get a killer ad that’s going to work better than anything else… I’m using this for all of my clients… we rebuilt an entire funnel based on this methodology… we’re already better than break-even from the beginning.

Mike Rinard

Founder, Chimp Wolf

Clients Consulted Include: