Meet The Team

Our Mission

At North Node Solutions our mission is to help businesses scale their marketing by building and optimizing automated sales funnels. By pooling in each of our unique expertise, we leverage industry leading strategies to effectively bridge your sales message and offers with your sales funnel.

Chris Rocheleau

Founder, President

Chris has over 9 years experience as a Digital Marketer. He has successfully been running Facebook Ad Campaigns since 2011. Chris loves building Funnels and has built some of the highest converting funnels for A-List ‘influencers’ in the online marketing space.

Irina Yerokhova

Founder, CEO

Irina is the ‘secret weapon’ behind some of North Node’s highest performing campaigns. She’s a gifted copywriter with a knack for ‘seeing what others don’t see’. Her ‘normal’ results maintain consistently 3X-5X above industry standard results for advertising campaigns.

Matthew Epps

Director of Operations

Matt is our Director of operations, tracking specialist, and a member of our Facebook ads management team in which he organizes and conducts everything with his project management demeanor of being ‘on time and under budget.’
He also likes new puppies…

Mary Hamilton

Ad Account Manager & Ad Copywriter

Mary is one of our Facebook Ads Manager and enjoys contributing to the Copywriting & Research teams.  Active with many duties, her pride and joy is her family with her husband and 8 kids. She is a true ‘outside the box’ thinker.
Just like the rest of the North Node team, she also “Embraces the Weird” within. 

Jeffrey Sclafani

Client Relations Manager

Jeff is our client relations manager by day and then he moonlights as a multi-platform marketing strategist involved in Client onboarding. Jeff joins the team with 15 Years of Management & Forecasting in business development. He also makes a mean spaghetti…

Karl Wertanen

Ad Copywriter, Marketing Strategist

Karl is one of our specialty copywriters, like a hired gun.  Karl’s unique synthesis of creativity along with his ‘analytical’ mind produces wordplay that “can’t be ignored in the newsfeed”. In his other life, he is an accomplished photographer and artist.

Joshua M. Diaz

Ad Copywriter/Tracking Specialist

Joshua is known as “Slash” for his ability to do any job north node has. In addition to managing FB Ad Accounts, he’s our in house web developer/designer and tracking specialist. He enjoys dissecting sales funnels to track and analyze user behavior. The longer his hair grows, the better his ad copy gets…

Jared McCallister

Marketing Strategist, Web Programmer

Jared is one of our up and coming strategists that’s involved in custom tailored marketing strategies for clients. He’s experienced in Website Development, troubleshooting ad campaigns, content creation, database management and analytics.
In his free time he deploys cheat codes and makes other ‘gamers’ cry…

Richard Forbes

Ad Copywriter

Richard specializes in Copywriting and Facebook Ad management. He also heads up our Messenger Bot initiatives while still actively involved in client onboarding and research. Richard works with our team identify and “speak the language” of our client’s ideal audiences. He also attends our video conference meetings while riding a bike…