This will be DIFFERENT than other “booked call sessions” you may have had in the past.


#1. You will NOT be talking to a sales person. You will be talking with an experienced alumni of our training programs to diagnose if you need what our programs have to offer.

**This person however IS the ‘gatekeeper’ to recommend¬† any of our programs if they see it’s relevant for your personal situation.

#2. We will diagnose any ‘gaps’ in your acquisition process and bring our tens of millions in ad spend experience across hundreds of ad accounts to YOUR business & current situation.

To this date we have not found anyone else who ‘looks’ at your ad account and acquisition model like we do.

#3. Filling out an app will not guarantee we talk with you – we only do a small handful of calls a week.


We frequently cancel booked calls by reaching out and pointing you in another direction best suited for your current situation, so please be sure double check your email inbox prior to the call.

#4. BUT, if you are a brand new to business or do not have a business, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A CALL.

***We do not work with any MLM/Affiliate Marketing OR “How to build a business on the internet” type offers because they are restricted from most social media advertising platforms.

#5. If you do not show up for your booked call you will NOT get a second chance. So, please take this serious and show up as we are showing the common courtesy of taking you serious enough to show up as well.

We look forward to help you redefine your messaging strategy for YOUR business model across all platforms.

Chris Rocheleau
CEO, North Node Solutions Inc