5 Levels of Awareness

by | Dec 27, 2019

In our last Trade Secret we broke down the psychology and structure behind EPIC and how it works with the algorithm to generate 2X-5X ROI.

Now in this video we talk about why understanding the ‘Level of Awareness’ your prospect has in relation to your product/service is crucial before you can craft an EPIC ad that reaches and converts qualified prospects.

First we define the ‘5 Levels of Awareness’: 

5. ‘Unaware’ of the Problem or Solution

4. ‘Problem Aware’ but not of the solution

3. ‘Solution Aware’ but not of Your Product

2. ‘Your Product Aware’ but not Sold

1. Just Needs ‘The Deal’

Then we break-down how to use this framework to identify your market’s level of awareness…

…along with the ‘messaging points’ your ad needs to address at each level before your prospect can move forward with your offer.

Then, we explain how most advertisers are taught to market to ‘Solution Aware’ audiences which are usually the most competitive segments to sell to (a.k.a. red ocean markets)… 

…and how marketing to ‘Unaware’ and ‘Problem Aware’ audiences reaches lesser competitive segments (blue ocean markets) where qualified prospects can be created out thin air (we’ll prove this).

Lastly, an example of a ‘Problem Aware’ ad we wrote for a physical book that was consistently generating 4:1 ROI and ended up selling our client out of books.

We find that 90% of the problems our customers have when they submit their ads and funnels for review generally come down to the level of awareness is just simply wrong. 

They may be saying something ‘solution aware’ to a market that is dominantly ‘problem aware’ and doesn’t yet know the solution.

This is common for business owners as they are often ‘too close’ to their products to realize that everyone else doesn’t understand their product as well as they do.

Even after we teach this crucial concept to people, they often will say “I’m creating a “Problem Aware/Solution Aware” Ad to start with. 

Mistake #1, there will never be a time when your message is ‘both’ awareness levels at the same time. 

That means your message is not clearly defining one level or the other. 

We usually never see these types of ads work when the awareness level is not clear.

So we have templates to follow for this…

But first lets recap. 

In the first lesson we showed proof that a fundamental shift in the way we communicate has in fact taken place…

…hopefully you know by now to throw out the old ‘power words’ and stop being that ‘annoying one’ at the party… You’ve learned to just be cool. 

Then in lesson 2 we showed you a revolutionary way to ‘contextually train’ the algorithm to give you the perfect prospect you’re looking for. 

We’ve noticed lately with all of the changes to the algorithm that this strategy works better than EVER before. 

Then in Lesson 3 we revealed our proprietary E.P.I.C. Ad Formula where we can ‘prequalify’ AND pre-sell our prospects so that most of the ‘selling’ is already more than halfway done by the time they reach your landing page.

Finally here in this last lesson you learned the age old secret of Awareness levels.

Funny enough, I see a lot of marketers use this same 5 Level scale to teach when they want to be seen as really smart. 

But what I find is that they usually just do a quick overview and move on. 

I have not really found anyone who has taken the time to ‘think through’ and actually test these levels with specific strategies and make these 5 Levels instantly actionable. 

That’s where our “Awareness Level” Templates actually come in. 

We took our highest converting ads, broke them down by awareness level and reverse-engineered them into a ‘Fill in the Blank’ template that has proven to work for any product or niche. 

You can click that button below to find out how you can get your hands on them.