The Long Copy Ad Formula Converting with Social Media

by | Dec 27, 2019

In our first ‘Trade Secret’ we talked about how ‘contextual targeting’ trains the algorithm in finding qualified prospects…

Now in this video we reveal how our ‘EPIC Ad Formula’ is now Converting those ‘pre-qualified’ prospects using this formula…

We walk you through the 4-steps in EPIC that stand for:

  1. Engage – Engage with Proper Context
  2. Present – Present the Problem & Empathize
  3. Illustrate – Illustrate the Solution
  4. Convert – Call to Action

Then we explain how the ‘decision-making’ psychology behind our formula works by…

  • Engaging qualified prospects using a headline that sets context around a specific pain, benefit, emotion, and challenge that resonates with our prospect.
  • Establishing credibility and getting ‘agreement’ from our prospect by walking them through their main painful scenario
  • Proving our product or service solves their pain/problem by illustrating our solution ‘in action’
  • Converting qualified prospects by being transparent about the offer, justifying its value, and reversing the risk.

Then watch us breakdown how we applied EPIC to an ad we wrote for our client Kimberly that averaged 36 sales a day for more than 7 months straight (at a profit).

But before you can move on and make EPIC work for your ads you must first understand the level of awareness your prospect has in relation to your product/service.

That’s because each level calls for a specific approach, and if we fail to approach our prospect with the right awareness level then they’ll never ‘resonate’ with our ad. 

On our next ‘Trade Secret’ we’ll talk about the ‘5 Levels of Awareness’, how to identify your market’s level of awareness…

…and the ‘messaging elements’ you need to address at each level before you can get your prospect to take action on your offer.

Now I get it… 

If you’re a marketer you’ve probably been exposed to this concept before since everyone and their brother has used it as a reference for teaching marketing concepts but here is the sad truth…

Most of them do NOT fully understand it to a level they can actually use in their marketing. 

Most teach it in an attempt to make it look like they know what they are talking about. 

We go further into how it’s applied… 

You can watch that training here