How The Bidding System Actually Plays Out

Having access to 25+ Facebook ad accounts and seeing millions in ad spend in 2020/21 alone we’ve noticed a few changes…

The most noticeable one everyone talks about is they can’t handle ‘The Swings’…

The ads do good one day… …then the next day they’ve gone completely off the rails.

Or they work for 3 to 4 days and then just suddenly ‘go off a cliff’.

Because of this, agencies and business owners all ask me the same thing:

“Is it possible to have an ad that consistently works day in and day out that I can rely on?”

The short answer is yes.

Because with the accounts we run or consult on… we mostly see steady results each day . This is because we understand what ‘triggers’ the algorithm to give ‘premium’ placement in the auction.

[Which is why we get the good traffic day after day that converts]

When you know how this works… …you stop buying into the ‘memes’ that are perpetuated about Facebook ads.

Fallacies like:

1. Targeting is the biggest factor in your ad success [IT’S NOT]

2. You need to refresh your ‘creative’ regularly [YOU DON’T]

3. Use complex bidding tactics to win auctions [Temporary Tricks]

All 3 of these ‘fallacies’ are only ‘coping mechanisms’ of faulty Facebook ads.


Because they are ‘treating the symptom’.. not the root cause for ads ‘going off a cliff’.