Why These Common Facebook Ad Copywriting ‘Tactics’ Actually Hurt Optimization and How We’re Communicating Differently in Our Ads to Sustain 2X-5X ROI

by | Jun 21, 2019 | 0 comments

When most advertisers think about how to ‘engage’ their prospect’s attention they often default to things like:

  • Gimmicky ‘attention-getters’ and ‘pattern-interrupts’
  • Talking directly to their prospect like a ‘1-on-1’ conversation
  • Asking invasive, direct ‘self-identification’ questions
  • Using traditional power words’ that are proving to have already lost their power

In this video we explain:

  • Why these tactics actually attract lots of ‘negative feedback’ from users
  • How negative feedback lowers an ad’s ‘Engagement’, ‘Quality’ and ‘Conversions’ scores, which are 3 key metrics Facebook uses to determine the quality of ‘impressions’ an ad ‘wins’ in the auction (Yep, that means it’s not just our ‘bids’ the algorithm cares about)
  • How Facebook ‘penalizes’ low-scoring ads by restricting them to lower quality impressions and increasing CPMs (cost per 1000 impressions)
  • And how instead being indirect and natural in the way we engage our prospects attention increases Engagement, Quality and Conversion Scores, which Facebook rewards with lower costs across the board.

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