A quick case study on how professionals using our Facebook Ad Method finally get it right (…while pointing out what most do that achieves absolutely nothing)

This time we use a Real Estate Agent as an example and the simple tweaks we made with it that increased results 600%-15,000%…

So first we reveal the most common mistakes realtors make in their ads…

…along with the common ‘assumptions’ almost every business owner mistakenly makes when they place Facebook or Instagram ads.


Which are:

1. Too much text in the image (You should NOT have ANY text anymore)
2. Overproduced creatives (shouldn’t look professionaly produced)
3. Never ask a direct question in your headline
4. Call to action way too soon
5. Talking only about yourself rather than making it about them

This video illustrates what we did to address these mistakes and the quantum jumps in results we got from that.

If you want to learn our exact process we use to craft 2X-5X converting ads we do 100% Actually LIVE workshops where we walk registrants through how to utilize our ad formula for themselves.

Watch the video all the way through then if you like, join us on our next live workshop at the link below: